Moisture Damage can be Prevented
May 12, 2017

Shipping Container Condensation – How to Help Protect Your Investment

Ever wonder how everyone else protects their possessions from condensation damage? Then read on and discover more on Absorbopak’s range of money saving tips.


First up, what causes shipping container moisture?


Simply put condensation is a phenomena caused by a combination of internal and external temperature differentials, together with high humidity levels reaching what is known as ‘Dew Point’ – which leads to condensation.

When condensation within freight containers does occur it’s normally most prevalent on the roof and top six inches of the side-walls.

The main keys to condensation control are ventilation and de-humification.


Container storage – our view.


De-humidifiers wont do the job.

Water extracted by a humidifier should be dumped through pipework supplied to the exterior of the container, this is to prevent re-circulation.

The number of times an access door is opened, thereby allowing the entry of humid air (particularly during winter months) is a crucial contributing factor.

Although, this type of equipment may have automatic on/off features utilising sensors to detect moisture.


Moisture absorb poles.

Alternatives to de-humidifiers are the likes of the relatively inexpensive moisture absorbing poles which are non-mechanical. Moisture absorb poles are profiled to the shape of a container’s typical corrugated side-wall and the pole can be fastened by hanging it to one of the container’s upper lashing hoops. The advantage of this convenient placement is that the interior cubic loading capacity of the container is not reduced.


How do moisture absorb poles work?

Contained within the pole are salts which absorb moisture when a silver protection foil is peeled off, thereafter permanently dumping the collected moisture in the form of a gel into it’s built in “tank” for evacuation and replacement when the salts are depleted.

Each pole typically lasts for a few months at a time but lifetime is dependent upon humidity levels combined with the number of times the container doors are opened.

The advantage of this particular product over the likes of silica gel desiccants (which absorb but also release moisture) is that the process is one-way only.




I hope these tips have helped you to understand some of the anti condensation solutions available to you, often at extremely low cost.

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