About Absorbopak – moisture and condensation damage

We are Absorbopak, a Dublin-based organisation that offers solutions to the problems caused by moisture and condensation.

Quality –

Our desiccants are designed specifically to be used in containers, and we offer an extensive range of products that cover almost any kind of moisture control requirements. All of our products are adapted to the harsh treatment a container goes through; such as temperature and humidity fluctuations, rough handling, and long transport times. For quality assurance, we rigorously test all our products to ensure they can stand up to these adverse conditions.

Organisation –

Absorbopak specialises in creating desiccant products for use on sea freight containers, to combat the effects that moisture and condensation have on cargo. On our website, you can learn more about moisture damage, how to prevent it, and browse through our range of desiccant products – we’re sure we have exactly what you’re looking for.

Our Experience –

Our senior personnel have been involved in the freight forwarding sector for many years, and have witnessed first-hand the problems that moisture can cause for cargo, as well as health and safety risks that can be caused by mould and dampness. Absorbopak has been designing and implementing solutions to these issues for the MNC and SME sectors for 15 years, and we have partners in over 50 countries.