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June 17, 2015
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June 17, 2015


E-SORB is our next generation, non-toxic mineral desiccant pouch technology for packaging. In both its pouch design and use of absorbent materials, this superior desiccant solution offers a number of important benefits.

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Esorb mineral desiccants are a range of inbox and container desiccants to protect cargo from moisture damage such as mold, fungus and rust. They include a choice of montmorillonite clay (MT) or active mineral desiccant (MD). The active mineral desiccant (MD) is a mixture of montmorillonite clay and calcium chloride as active ingredients. Esorb come in various sizes and packaging materials to suit your needs, including desiccants that conform to MIL-D-3464 and other international standards.

Esorb MT is recommended as an inbox desiccant suitable to protect most types of cargo inside of crates, cartons and boxes. Esorb MD which has higher absorption than MT can be used as either an inbox or container desiccant when not in direct contact with organic or metallic cargo.

A Choice of Proven Active Substances for Superior Moisture Protection
Both absorbent materials (MD and MT) available in E-SORB desiccant pouches, absorb well at all humidity levels. They effectively lock in trapped moisture to reduce re-evaporation and prevent oversaturation.

MD – 90% Montmorillonite Clay and 10% Calcium Chloride.

MT– 100% Montmorillonite Clay adhering to Mil-D-3464E.

A Superior Desiccant Solution for Every Type of Dry and Moist Cargo
E-SORB desiccant products protect cargo inside packaging from mold, mildew, oxidation and other moisture-related packaging damage. They can be used for electronics, machinery, textiles, leather goods, wood, furniture and various food products.

Complete Range of Sizes for Every Packaging Configuration
E-SORB desiccant pouches come in sizes suitable for use in individual boxes, crates and air cargo igloos.

Superior Tyvec Pouch Material
E-SORB desiccant pouches are made from DuPont Tyvek, which combines the best physical properties of paper, film and fabric, to offer unique advantages for a demanding application. Larger pouches are made from non-woven fabric.

Packaged for Safe Storage, Handling and Disposal
E-SORB desiccant is highly hygroscopic and will activate instantly with free moisture. For this reason E-SORB desiccants are packed and shipped in a poly bag inside a cardboard box. E-SORB is also safe, made from non-toxic materials and is 100% biodegradable.


➤ Superior performance

➤ Esorb sachets come in a wide range of sizes and packaging material

➤ DMF free

➤ Safe option compared to silica gel

➤ Environmentally friendly

➤ Non-toxic material, it can be disposed with regular waste

Technical Specification

Absorbing material:MT = Montmorillonite clay (100 %),MD = Montmorillonite clay (90 %) and calcium chloride (10 %).Weight: Esorb MD is available in various sizes from 1 gram to 2,000 grams.

Esorb MT is available in unit sizes from 1/6 unit to 80 units. Each unit is equivalent to 33 grams.

Packaging material: Tyvek® (TY) or non-woven (NW)


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